Snyder Imperial Lite dance skate with Vanguard wheels

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We are scoping for quad skaters - Old School Funk skaters especially, and their comments, opinions and articles about non-competitive quad rhythm skating aka Funk Skating. Share stories, experiences and knowledge about this very special form of roller skating.

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October 13, 2008 Magic Machines
A novel perspective on rhythm dance skating
October 15, 2008 Why Does Quad Dance Skating Merit Mention?
What's the most fun you can have standing up? No - that's the second most fun.

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New Yorker James Plimpton invented the quad roller skate in 1863 & Californian Charles Snyder refined the design in the 1940's to produce the first modern double-action skate - the one we use unchanged to this day.

This is an essay that attempts documenting a variant of Quad Roller Skating that has not, to my knowledge, heretofore been explicitly described or recorded. The target audience is primarily the Quad skater and will mostly be of interest to them. Not meant to be an all-encompassing explanation of how skates work, my thesis covers the basics and points out some special aspects of Quads and how they power and drive indoor dance skating. More than just a technical description, it explores how the science of moving bodies and machines underpins and dovetails with the artistic expression of a singular skating style only made possible with Quad Roller Skates - the Magic Machines.

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